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We are Alma and we host women’s retreats in New South Wales and around the world.

Our retreats are all about empowering women like you to take risks, be seen, and build the life they’ve always dreamed of living.

Take the time to focus on your freedom, empowerment, and connection.

Join us for a wellness retreat!

The journey of self-discovery is never easy, but it’s a whole lot easier when you’re not alone. Surround yourself with other women also committed to transforming who they are (like a butterfly, but a badass butterfly) and how they show up in their lives.

We believe in the power of community. It’s connection with others that helps you see who you are and what you need clearly, and that’s what makes our NSW wellness retreats (and international when borders permit) so life-changing!

We work hard to find incredible women to collaborate with in each of our women’s retreats so you can soak up their wisdom and experience and apply it to your own life.

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA
This retreat came to me at just the right time. I was feeling disconnected after a pretty traumatic break-up. Kiki and the team created a safe space for me to express myself, be heard, held and supported. It was beautiful to connect with so many amazing women in a raw, real and authentic way. I took away so much knowledge, wisdom and strategies to move forward and become more resilient, connected and authentic. Thank you so much for the experience
women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

retreats for self reflection

in NSW and surrounds

Working in our respective fields (yoga and mental health for Kiki, yoga and being a musical genius for Sofia), we realised how isolating it can feel navigating life. We wanted to do something about it – and that’s what sparked the idea for We Are Alma.

At first, we just wanted to kick that lonely feeling’s butt by creating a community. But as we kept working together, we realised that going through that journey of self-reflection next to a friend creates more than just connection – it creates freedom.

These retreats are a safe, sacred space where women come together and feel a powerful, transformative energy that just can’t be created alone.

find freedom

find spaciousness

find connection

Our retreats are an invitation for you to come as you are open, vulnerable, and ready for a positive change to leave more empowered than ever before. An invitation for you to heal and find clarity.
To awaken your inner wild…
Side by side with other women also committed to untaming themselves!

It’s more than just a retreat

It is a community.

It is a safe space to reclaim your power, your voice and your true nature.

Step away from the daily grind. Step into reflection, introspection, and love.

It is a gift of forgiveness for your past self, a gift of acceptance to your current self, and a gift of strength for your future self.

Whether you join us for a quick weekend retreat in Sydney or a week-long getaway up the coast or internationally, you’ll leave the retreat with more wisdom than you know what to do with! (Just kidding. You’ll definitely know what to do with it.)

We focus on making the work fun and informative, and make sure everyone can access our retreats, no matter where you’re at. Beginners are super welcome!

We also understand that a lot of people have faced difficulties or trauma in some way. Our retreats take a trauma-informed approach which can be an extremely powerful form of healing. You can always choose not to participate in something, and all the sessions taught with the goal of developing compassion for yourself and your body. No judgement, and no handstands required.

Every retreat is different, but the focus is always on balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth through tried-and-true methods that’ll leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world when you leave!

Attend one of our women’s retreats, and you will soon understand – 

We hear you.

We see you.

And we value you.

Truly amazing, each and every woman that attended got so much out of the whole weekend. It touched every one of us in a very very personal way. It was beautiful to be reminded that the struggles and heart aches we all have, we relate to on a personal level are the same for all of us. Women are women and bond so very quickly in our similarities and the things that make us all unique. I just loved all of it.
women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

Health and Wellbeing

Retreats in NSW

We Are Alma hosts retreats near Sydney NSW as well as internationally in locations including Bali, Indonesia. Our spiritual retreats are packed with wisdom from incredible women who are pioneers in their field, here to help you boost your own journey of self-discovery.

Ready to transform? Join us at one of our women’s wellness retreats.

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