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The brainchild of our Women’s Circle events

We Are Alma is the creation of Kirsty Wright AKA Kiki – yoga teacher, mentor, voice of inspiration, and advocate of women embracing who they are! After teaching retreats and classes around the world for many years, she came to realise that her life was missing something important – community.

It wasn’t until she taught with Sofia on a retreat at the end of 2019 that she realised how magical and powerful collaboration can be. A year later, We Are Alma was born.

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Alma (meaning soul in Spanish) represents an important element in the development of one’s self. Honouring ourselves and learning to be who we truly are is an indispensable part of the journey of self discovery, and through her personal and professional work, Kiki has grown to recognise how vital it is to our spiritual, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing.

It was important to Kiki and Sofia to create a platform to raise the voices of the amazing women in their lives who have incredible wisdom to share, and that’s what We Are Alma was created for. They want other women to grow with the help of these wise, wonderful women who are remarkable at sharing a piece of their alma to those who are open and willing to receive it.

As part of We Are Alma, these women provide their wisdom and experience at retreats around Sydney, NSW, as well as international locations including Bali, Indonesia. We Are Alma is all about women supporting women! We can’t wait to welcome you to our retreats.

The combination of Kiki, Sofia & Kay is a winning one. The warmth, healing & laughing natures of all three combine to make an extraordinary nurturing atmosphere. I arrived tired, overwhelmed & anxious... i left with a full cup.. refreshed and relaxed after a weekend of love, laughter and nurturing
Lisa B

What is a Women’s Circle?

A women’s circle harnesses the transformative power of women coming together and connecting from a honest, real and raw place. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to describe the feeling! All we know is that there’s a magical, healing energy in the air that comes into existence.

Awaken your inner wild, untame yourself and find freedom through connecting with other powerful women at our women’s wellness retreats.

The power of circles still astounds us

– we’ll never not be amazed by it.

That’s why We Are Alma is such an important community. We put the power of women up high, lifting our collective energies and sparking life-changing connections within ourselves and each other. Our women’s retreats will awaken a sense of hope, potential, and healing – no matter where you are in your journey of life. 

Whether it’s a women’s day retreat, a weekend together, or an entire week dedicated to connecting with yourself and other women on their own personal journeys, you will come away from our retreats feeling renewed and empowered.

More than that, we make sure that the flame you’ve lit through our retreats won’t be extinguished by the daily grind of life once we part ways. 

Through our female retreats, we will introduce you to practices that you can add to your daily routine to help you to lift yourself up when you’re dull, ground yourself when you’re feeling scattered, and light your inner fire when you need some inspiration.

After all, as Beyonce once asked:

“Who run the world?”

(Spoiler alert)


Meet The Team

The team changes every retreat, but the founders of We Are Alma – Kiki and Sofia – are the Alma OGs, the Dream Team, the Yin to each other’s Yang!



A retreat host veteran with more than 100 retreats under her belt. Extensive world traveller – possible gypsy blood. Former Accountant turned yoga and meditation teacher and inspirational speaker.


Creating space to help people to feel ultra safe so they can allow themselves to be seen, heard and take up space.


Queen of the one liner and fluent in sarcasm.


“Did you actually just say that? Out loud?” (No topic of conversation is off the table.)


  • People watching in cafes and frolicking in waterfalls
  • Pushing personal and societal boundaries
  • Greys Anatomy (yes, it is still running)
  • Woody scents like sandalwood and frankincense 
  • Talking on Instagram stories while driving. 
  • Fusing together yoga and eastern philosophies with Western science
  • Learning alllll the things about sleep, trauma recovery, the nervous system, female archetypes and communication

Favourite quote

“We are all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass



Born Swedish, fast becoming Aussie bogan. 


Pretty much everything you can do with your hands. Can play any instrument she picks up. Magical healing hands 


The language of the body and energy. No words needed. 


“No one has ever found that spot before!” (in massage guys, keep your minds out of the gutter) or “is there anything you can’t do?”


  • Taking her pillow on every overnight stay
  • Tuning forks
  • Her dog Marley
  • Anything edible (you will hear her ‘eat beats’ at retreat)
  • Finding her own way of doing things
  • Learning new instruments 
  • Nerve flossing

Favourite quote

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon

In today’s world, where we struggle with deep seated limiting beliefs and lack of clarity, women often come to us speaking of the overwhelming anxiety and disempowerment that they feel on a daily basis. We are the antidote to this. Together, we will remove these limitations and come away with clarity and focus to take on life’s challenges with a renewed sense of purpose.

We Are Alma retreats are structured around providing moments of self-discovery that allow you to recognise and claim your potential. More importantly, our retreats offer a safe space for you to witness others reclaiming their sense of self, further inspiring your own self development. It’s about finding that fire in your belly, and helping others do the same. It’s about finding your power, together!

Women Empowerment Events

Women’s circles are traditionally a place for women to use our voices. To be heard, seen, appreciated. Our circles are a safe space for women to come together. It’s a sacred space where we can be strong enough to lift each other up and yet vulnerable enough to bare our very souls.

Evening women’s circles in Wollongong and surrounding areas are coming soon!

It is a commitment to growth.

It is a commitment to self-love.

It is a commitment to the undeniable power of women in community.

Ladies Retreats Near NSW

We regularly organise women’s wellness retreats near Sydney and around NSW. We also host retreats overseas, including women’s retreats in Bali. Be sure to check our calendar to find out more about the next We Are Alma women’s wellness retreat!

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