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Women’s retreats are our bread and butter and Kiki has been refining her retreat facilitation over the last seven years in order to turn retreat hosting into an art form. 

Given the current climate, you can only experience our retreats in New South Wales at the moment but once the world opens back up again you will find us hosting women’s retreats in Bali, yoga and meditation retreats in New Zealand and more!

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

If a wellness retreat in NSW is calling your name, we have got you covered! We Are Alma are proud to host phenomenal retreats all over NSW (and further afield once borders reopen). We get that you might have some questions or concerns so keep on scrolling to see what women’s retreats with us involve.

One thing we always strive for in our retreats is to create the most supportive and empowering environment that we can. Women do enough competing and tearing each other down in the outside world, there is no need to bring that onto retreat. We are all equals in that space. We are all there to connect, get some perspective and leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

let us take you on a journey

Women’s retreats with us are more than just a retreat, they are a journey. They are an experience. We are committed to doing the work in our own personal lives and that commitment means that we can share with you from our lived experience. Not what we have read in a textbook, but what we have experienced for ourselves, because we believe that knowledge comes from learning but wisdom comes from doing. We believe in working through fear, conditioning and shame to find what is on the other side – freedom.

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

Ayurveda Sydney Retreats

Interested in Ayurveda but not sure where to get practical, relatable information?

We are strong believers in the power of Ayurveda to keep us flowing through life with more ease and balance. It tunes us into the cycles of nature, our hormonal cycles and our own personal nature.

When you attend Ayurveda Retreats by We Are Alma, you can expect activities that truly nourish your body and soul. It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself and others, through wisdom talks, yoga, meditation, as well as enjoying delicious Ayurvedic food together.

It’s an opportunity to escape the daily grind, discover new perspectives, appreciate a slower pace, and experience a more holistic approach to life and wellness!

womens surf and yoga retreat meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

surf and yoga retreats northern nsw

Surf and yoga go together like peas and carrots, hummus and celery or tacos and sangria. The perfect match. Kiki worked in surf camps for four years and loved teaching yoga by the ocean so when she created Alma, surf and yoga retreats were high on the list. 

At a surf and yoga retreat by We Are Alma, you can expect world class surf instruction, yoga classes to soothe and open your mind and body plus prana (life force) filled food to keep you energised and full of wholefood fuel.

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

Yoga Retreat NSW

Are you looking for a yoga retreat in Australia? We understand that it may be far more comfortable and affordable to attend a wellness retreat closer to home, which is why we continue to focus on our weekend yoga retreats around Sydney in addition to our international retreats.

We are passionate about making our yoga retreats accessible to all, and we are committed to creating a relaxing, nurturing, and supportive environment that will transport you to another time and place…even if you’re really just a couple of hours away from the bustling Sydney CBD!

womens retreat canberra retreat meditation health nsw

spiritual retreats in nsw

Our healing retreats in NSW allow you to rediscover who you are, and help process the fears and anxiety that overwhelm you. More importantly, these retreats allow you to have a safe space to realign your goals and priorities so that you can leave feeling confident in taking on every challenge that comes your way!

We know that the modern world offers with it a slew of stressors. Pressure from work, friends, family, and even our own expectations of ourselves, can be incredibly damaging. They have a long-term impact on our spiritual and physical wellbeing, and unfortunately most of the time (ok, well, all the time), it’s not super great!

Join us on our next wellness retreat in Sydney to remove spiritual and mental blocks that are stopping you from achieving contentment. Let us nurture your spirit and help you grow!

Bali Retreats

Are you in search of Bali retreats to nourish your mind and body? Are you looking for an exotic escape that will help you return home refreshed and with a renewed sense of purpose? Are you looking to connect with other incredible women who are on their own journeys of self-discovery?

Well, our Wellness Retreats in Bali are just what you need!

Bali has a magical energy in the air that is unlike anywhere else in the world. This exotic locale has long been a tourist favourite, but on our retreats, you’ll be taken far away from the bustling touristy towns of Kuta and Seminyak.

Instead, you will discover the untouched northern region of Bali. You’ll be greeted by rolling hills, picturesque beaches, generous locals – and not a nightclub in sight.

Our health retreat in Bali is perfect if you truly want to get away from your daily life and hit the reset button. We Are Alma is proud to host truly transformative experiences that will help rejuvenate your body and soul. Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you never want to leave (we often find ourselves tempted to throw our return tickets in the bin, to be honest)!

I really enjoyed our yoga retreat in Bali - I got so much more than I bargained for. Going in, being new to yoga, I thought that I would just be doing the physical aspect of it. But Kiki opened up a whole new level with us, not just helping us physically with movement, but guiding us right into ourselves for healing. Kiki was so incredible in her ways, making it so easy for people to be seen, to be heard and vulnerable in every beautiful way. Which is something so rare in a hard world. What a retreat!
women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

Bali Retreats To Find Yourself

Life is not a movie. And so our retreats won’t be like the movies. There’s no shortcut. There’s no cutaway scene. Our self love retreats in Bali are a chance for you to do the work, to focus on self healing and spiritual development in a way that would be difficult to do back home.

Our Bali spiritual retreat will help you break down the road blocks in your life that are keeping you from embarking on the path that is meant for you. Retreat to Bali for your wellness, for your long-term health, for definite clarity surrounding your goals.

After years of experience in organising and participating in retreats, we know how powerful these soul searching retreats can be. We’ve witnessed so many women leave these spiritual travel retreats with a completely different mindset towards life. They even look different – there is a glow of confidence, of purpose. An untouchable flame deep within that wasn’t there before, and will not be put out again!

The borders are closed for now but we will be back in Bali before you know it!

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

Luxury Yoga Bali Retreats

If you’re a yogi who is looking to hone your skills and enhance your practice, our yoga and meditation retreat in Bali needs to be your next yoga getaway! Bask in the sun and enjoy the sun, sea, and surf while dedicating yourself to specialised yoga lessons from our knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive yoga instructors.

Bali yoga is an unparalleled experience. It’s an opportunity for you to reconnect with your practice and explore – or even overcome – your limits! We return to the roots of the practice, combining movement, breathing, and a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that guide the practice of yoga.

Our women’s yoga retreats in Bali are the perfect getaway to enjoy a break from your daily life while still committing to improving your skills!

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