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feminine connection

When was the last time that you felt connected? Balanced? In tune with your ‘cycles’ or your ‘flow’? Well, the ancient Indians gifted us with the Queen of all philosophies to assist us on this beautiful journey of self awareness: Ayurveda.

​What the heck is Ayurveda? Is that what you were thinking? We get it, Ayurveda isn’t exactly something that your GP will tell you about. But we wish it was!

​Ayurveda invites us to get to know ourselves, deeply. To feel into what we need each day and develop a ”toolbox’ of rituals to support ourselves.

​We love Ayurveda so much that we are planning a whole weekend to honour and bask in the beautiful teachings.

will you join us? 

the weekend

Allow us to curate the perfect weekend of honouring the goddess in you. We will carry you through the weekend and take care of everything. All you need to do is show up.

The weekend will be filled with yoga and meditation practices, a full moon ceremony fit for a Queen, dips in the river, wisdom talks to give you new knowledge and tools plus circles to share, listen and connect.

Not to mention the delicious Ayurvedic meals that will nourish your body deeply.

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA
womens ayurveda retreat meditation health nsw

your personal sanctuary

Whether you want to treat yourself to a private sanctuary for the weekend or be a bit more frugal and share your lodging with a friend (someone you know already or a new friend you haven’t met yet), we have options for everyone.

Choose from a Queen room or a Twin/Quad shared room and we will arrange the rest.

We will be sharing a huge farmhouse on the banks of the Shoalhaven River with yoga out on the deck or on the lush grass.

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA


We have some beautiful practices in store for you inspired by Ayurveda. All practices are suitable for every single body. It doesn’t matter if you can stand on your head, stop your thoughts in meditation or touch your toes.
women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA


Over the weekend we will introduce you to practices that you can add to your daily routine to help you to lift yourself up when you’re dull, ground yourself when you’re feeling scattered and light your inner fire when you need some inspiration.
women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA

full moon

Okay, full disclosure, when we booked this weekend we didn’t know it was a full moon. But when we realised, we were ecstatic. Imagine soaking in the full moon with a group of powerful women. There may even be some fire and live music…!

the details

next dates

Coming soon…

Arrival from 4pm Friday

Departure by 11am Sunday


  • Two nights comfy, modern accommodation in a luxury country house 
  • Five meals of nourishing, enlivening Ayurvedic meals
  • Four yoga / meditation practices on the deck overlooking the river
  • Full moon ceremony, circle chats and more…
  • An Ayurvedic Ritual gift pack worth more than $50



women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA
womens retreat mother daughter retreat meditation health nsw

your hosts

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA


Yoga / meditation teacher, retreat host veteran, passionate fireball obsessed with connection.


Yoga / meditation teacher, ayurvedic goddess health coach, wise woman who loves supporting women.

women’s retreat yoga meditation health nsw bali AYURVEDA


Yoga / meditation teacher, musical rockstar, barrel of laughs and owner of magical, healing hands.

womens retreat ayurveda retreat meditation health nsw


Superstar in the kitchen, Ayurvedic wisdom holder and lover of all things nature and adventure. 

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